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I haven’t been on here much but, thanks for all the lovely messages. I always enjoy reading them :) 

even though I'm a humor blog, your blog is the exact type of blog I love to follow

Aww thanks :) 

I am looking for beautiful pictures of arabic woamn that are high resolution, I like some of the ones you have on your website. Can you let me know how I can get hold of the photographer Glooksbme?

Hi, thanks. 

She took the pics herself :) Quite talented..huh?





Sometimes intentions are worse than actions.
It’s funny really. You may fail a few times and succeed so many but, that one failure will always be the only thing your mind can’t erase.
As-salamu alaykum

Eid Mubarak Habibi x 

Wa3laykum salam.

Eid mubarak :) 

If someone loves you enough to hurt you in order to save you from yourself then, marry them. If someone loves you so little that they’ll hurt you so much because they hate them-self then, leave.
The only love I believe in is the one where there is no logic behind it. It exists and you keep wondering why. You should never like someone for any particular reason. Not because they buy you things or they’re beautiful or whatever but, because they exist and that’s all that really matters. If they ever ceased to exist, you’d keep putting yourself at the state of being empty without them before they’re long gone. You’d cry before you feel the cut and beat yourself up just to make the pain last; a pain that isn’t even there because you created it. This is how far away you’ll feel when you’re so close. You may never be remote but, every relationship is a falling compass. It’s a breath of unsanitary air and you’ll keep breathing it knowing that it will be what will kill you at the end.
There is a threat in everything. The rain is guested by thunder and lightening. The ground is struck by worms and moles. The sea gets deeper because it can never stop crying from being choked by salt. What about humans? What is the threat about humans? Well, I guess humans are a threat to themselves. The most poisonous and wicked of all. They infect their own species by a simple visit or a transparent stare. Maybe it’s cause they see disaster to be an art while they lose another person every day to it.