In the land where the ocean meets the desert
Whats your IG Name ? You are so beautiful !!! Are you the girl in the Icon ??

it’s arabbarbie18. thanks.

Yup thats me. 

how can hijabis deal with people bashing them because they wear make up and getting mean judgements?

Well, the first way to deal with a fool is by not even acknowledging their existence. If you’re comfortable with yourself, and you believe in yourself, you shouldn’t have  to keep explaining to people who you are or why you do what you do. Honestly, I think it’s a cruel world but, for women, it’s even worse. It’s a world that’s trying to alter you and you should never let that happen. You see, we’re soooooo obsessed with correcting others when we can’t even correct ourselves. The people who do that are mainly the ones who’ve not found the fault in themselves so they look for someone who “might” reflect. It’s funny, I remember one time, I was on nuralailaluv’s page. She a youtube makeup guru who wears hijab and I took a moment to write in a nice comment. Unfortunately, there were so many people yelling at her for wearing hijab, and wearing makeup. The question really is, does applying makeup to your face  degrade the hijab? Apparently not. It’s just extreme minded people who have that belief. Anyways, I saw that some of the girls who were leaving her rude comments, don’t even wear hijab, and yes they’re Muslim. Others, who were leaving her comments saying “this is not hijab!”, wear hijab “part-time”. Some who were telling her to remove the hijab all together because she wears makeup, wear makeup while they wear hijab still. Ummmm….I was like…Okkkkkkkkkaaaaaayyy. This is weird. Then some of the guys telling her to take it off as well were on a women’s beauty page. Well, that seems odd. Anyways, the point is, if people judge you because they see wrong in you, remember that there is a lot more wrong that they’ve done off the computer screens. We can present ourselves to be all that we want but, the presentation isn’t going to change what we are. A mind that is busy counting flaws is only counting because it’s a flaw itself. Just focus on keeping a positive approach, and delete any comment or block anyone who tries to take that away from you. They certainly don’t know you well enough to assume anything. Like I always say, keep your intentions as clean and pure as possible. That’s what will bring you internal peace.  

People who’ve never been in love be writing some deep emotional quotes when they’ve never felt any of it. 

do you delete negative comments on your instagram?

Alhamdulilah I don’t get negative comments much but, yes when I see negative comments I delete them to keep a positive vibe. I don’t want trolls around. 

I thought my life was hard until I realized how much I suck at assembling my new lighting kit. 



Fractals showed me wonder,
Patterns on fine silver,
Silences in thunder,
Tigers in the river.

Fractals in the whispers,
In a ray of horrid beauty.
May the moon and sun as sisters,
Disoblige me of their duties.

Cellophane on canvas,
In a field left plain, abandoned,
To remind me of my antics,
When I tried to be too candid.

Well is all that ends well,
Better yet - what never ends.
Angels meet the devil:
Do they quarrel or be friends?


someone reccomend me a great book. It can be about anything. 

Once you start comparing Tumblr to other social networks, I’m done. BYE! We’re not friends anymore. 

So I checked out some of the artwork you have for sale, and it's brilliant! You're very talented. I already see like 2 or 3 canvas pieces that I'd defo want to buy when I have enough saved up since I'm only a student. What are the prices for shipping to the UK? (Keep up the awesome talented work btw ^_^)


I’m not sure exactly.I think you can test it. Add it to your cart. Put your address in and it’ll give you shipping options. Most websites give you a free shipping option. I’m pretty sure of that but, it might take longer time to ship if you choose free shipping but, yeah, if you wanna save some money it’s worth the wait.

And again, Thanks :)

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looool hehehehehe

Honestly, exclamation marks scare me. lol 

Excuse me but if you use popular Quotes you have Write down the right Source and Not "desert wind" cause you dont Write this quotes !!!!its NOT right !!

Excuse me back! Nearly 100% of my quotes is my OWN QUOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it’s someone else’s, I give them credit. Several times I posted Langston Hues poems , and some lana del rey lyrics and I credited them. U ARE NOT RIGHT!! THE SOURCE IS ME! get over it!

In the field flowers…
You were the black rose
that only grew in those summer months.
We’re all craving to know the opinions of people who won’t even accept us.

Finally I found something that fits.